Before you construct a house, there are certain things that you must know to ensure peace and happiness
Selecting A Plot: The Shape of a plot should be regular (preferably square or rectangular) with four corners. A plot of undefined shape does not have good. A plot of undefined shape does not have good Vaastu, as the Vaastupurush is not adjusted in such a plot in a rectangular plot, the length of the ratio should not be more than 2:1 A very huge plot is not Vaastu-friendly as the energy is not distributed properly in such plots.

Plough the soil and sow some grain, in a symbolic offering to the spirits who lived on the land once. The germination of the seeds will signify a happy life for you on that plot. Make sure the soil is well-watered and has no anthills.


happy house

Before starting construction, purify the land by diluting cow dung with water and spreading it like plaster over the entire plot.

Begin construction only after marking out the directions. Start the excavation from the northeast and let it end in the southwest. If any old structures are to be demolished, begin from the northeast again.

Before construction, undertake a bhoomipoojan ceremony. To do so, dig up the northeast corner to lay the foundation stone and worship the Vaastupurush. But some auspicious things in this corner as offerings to the deities. The second ritual is to install the main door of the built structure on an auspicious day and time. Distribute sweets and celebrate the day as if it were a festival. The third ritual is the actual house warming. Don’t start living in the house until the housewarming is done. Decorate the main entrance with mango leaves and yellow flowers. Illuminate the entire house with candles and diyas. Also sprinkle Ganga jal all over the house.



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