Once the wedding ceremonies are done, it’s time to venture out for an exciting honeymoon trip. But do not neglect beauty regimen and ensure that you keep the skin healthy and nourished even after your D-day.

“A bride should not discontinue the skin care routine once she is married. The bride takes the best skincare, and once the D Day happens, it’s all over all of a sudden. Make sure, you carry on your skin care routine as meticulously as you were doing it before the D-Day. Also do not stop the oral supplements that you have been taking.”
It is important to take care of your skin before the wedding, through the wedding and post wedding as well. The basic skin care regime should include the use of a mild face wash, a good sunscreen location, a night moisturizer with antioxidants like Vitamin A, Vitamin C and Vitamin E.

The best honeymoon is a well-planned honeymoon is a well-planned honeymoon, and hence one should not forget to carry the cosmetic kit. Besides carrying cosmetics pack skin care products, make sure that you also carry razor, wet wipes, cleansers, hair shampoo and conditioner.

Depending on which place you are going to, among the most important things to carry in your bag is sunscreen lotion. Also carry your hand and body lotion as well. And most importantly, do not forget to carry sunglass and a hat! If heading for beach, apply a calming and soothing balm. “ If you are on a sea side trip, and going to have a lot of sun exposure on the beach, make sure you apply sunscreen. Wash your skin post the sun exposure and apply the calming lotion, it reduces chances of inflammation,”


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If you are on a hill station, cold cream and a good moisturizer is a must in the bag, along with sunscreen. And if you do not want chapped lips at the end of your honeymoon, then do carry a good lip balm, or use plain cold cream.

If you are vacationing in a temperate zone where it is very humid, make sure you carry a good face wash that not necessarily dries up your skin, but takes away the excess humidity. Instead of washing twice, do it thrice a day to take out grime and humidity. Another important requisite is to keep your body dry. “keep an anti-bacterial powder and cream handy and also take a very mild steroid cream with you, in case you have a reaction or rash to have it handy as an SOS medication. Do not forget to remove your make-up at the end of the day.

Drink enough water so that if you are drinking alcohol or eating junk food, your body should be cleansed. If you are eating junk food or binging, make sure you take your vitamins and ensure you do some crucial workouts to keep the body and skin fine.
It is also important to take care of your hair too. If on a beach, oil your hair well or use a sun protection serum, even plain coconut oil is good.

Beauty is not about the face alone. Take care of your hands and feet too keep your nails beautiful. Of course, you would have done a professional manicure for your wedding, but it is just as important for your honeymoon as well. Moreover, to smell good carry your honeymoon as well. Moreover, to smell good carry your favorite deodorant, light body sprays, and perfumes.

“Also, to avoid a beard rash. Make sure your husband is clean shaven, and if he has 2-3 day stubble, it should be softened. Beware of your husband’ dandruff as well. Take care of not just your skin and scalp, but also for your partner’s. The bonding process does not mean that your share towels and combs. Personal hygiene is also very important.

Your honeymoon is your chance to unwind from all the wedding stress. Hence, it is important to take sufficient rest, and follow all the beauty regime so that your skin glows even post-wedding.

= It is important to take care of your skin before the wedding, through the wedding and post wedding as well

= If you are on a sea side trip, make sure you apply sunscreen. Wash your skin post the sun exposure, and apply the calming lotion

=If you do not want chapped lips, then balm, or use plain cold cream.



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